The impulse sprinkler adaptation - look close below - see the water running down the black swivel? They leak a bit, but spin sort of okay, when under high pressure, for a little while anyway.
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Convince me one more time
or read the review of the
Building Garden Ornaments Book
I used to offer a FREE impulse sprinkler head with each Kit, but they don't fit in the USPS box any more. You had to buy 3 other parts (cost $3.30 - 2000 prices) to make them work.
Impulse sprinkler head cheap bad
If you have to buy the sprinkler head too, it'll cost more than the brass bushings made for the ALL copper sprinkler.
You decide :o)
In my early days of sprinkler making I tried many impulse sprinklers. The trouble with adapting the swivel portion is that it's made to hold up a balanced, lightweight head, not several pounds of copper, probably weighted off center besides.
What a waste of a good sprinkler that makes
And the shame of it is, the best part of the impulse sprinkler is thrown away, the part in the middle of the hoop above!
I have a whole box of these left over from doing our market research, product design, engineering and testing.
If you could use them for your project, inquire within.
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