wave water copper garden sprinkler
15" dia.
The spiral is an ancient aquatic fertility symbol synonymous with the movement of flowing water, and the infinite rhythm of life.
Wave $199
mirage copper art garden water sprinkler
copper sprinkler with vinesbeautiful copper antique water sprinklerancient water sprinkler in front of old barnmirage water sprinkler blue sky
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12" dia. Mirage $239 Watch the movie!
The Mystic Spiral : Journey of the Soul
No one knows more about spirals than dowsers.
who makes the best copper art sprinklers
15" dia.
An upward spiral gathers energy from the earth, while a downward one disperses beneficial celestial energies.
Waterfall $239
water falling copper art garden

The Mirage's  2 inner rings look like 'falling pennies'.

Video - Mirage copper art sprinkler by Dream Sprayer

Mirage with a Ruby Witch Ball video:
Dream Sprayer Mirage sprinkler with a Ruby Witch Ball

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