You can build your own copper art sprinkler with parts from the local hardware store, building supply or plumbing shop, but you'll need a lathe, the time, and the expertise to design and precision machine the bushings.

We've seen many attempts, including swaged copper, air tool fittings (steel rusts) and plastic washers. But they usually leak, don't spin well, and look like a plumbers nightmare. The artist ends up disappointed, because after all the time and expense they put into it, it'll never be the collectors item they expected.

Many profitable factory units use the single prong step stake with the garden hose attachment included (cost approx. $4). Our design with the cast bronze elbow ($7.00), the garden hose swivel ($2.50), and the 4 prong base ($11.50) costs more, but our goal is to build the best, not be the most profitable.

Testing has shown that the single prong design isn't adequate, when the ground gets saturated, your art falls over! You'll spend many hours making your sprinklers, and by the time you finish, you'll be glad you used the finest components.

The Dream Sprayer bushings are precision machined to fit exactly, you get all the component part numbers for stock items at national stores, complete directions, and email or telephone support.
There's many complex designs for the bushing, from injection molded nylon, to force fit rubber retainers. They all have advantages and drawbacks. The Dream Sprayer design has them all beat, with a bushing that spins effortlessly with the greatest volume at the lowest pressure (30 psi) of any sprinkler. The greatest volume, because the design allows more water to flow through the bushing than any other. And at the lowest pressure, because of the ingenious design for the swivel mechanism.

Once you buy the Kit, you can buy more bushings at the members only discount of $10 each.

Our design for the greatest volume at the lowest pressure permits the Dream Sprayer to operate for long periods without saturating the ground. Dream Sprayers are designed for convenience and portability, when you want to bring your art inside at night to prevent theft or vandalism, all you do is pick up the head, and bring it in.

The Dream Sprayer Kit makes it possible for you to build true one-of-a-kind works of art. Save your time running all over town to try and find the right parts (which you never will). There's only one Dream Sprayer Kit, you'll be glad you built with the best.

Buy now.
Subject: Kit Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 Hi Jon, When I saw the DreamSprayer I thought boy that looks easy to make. So I started to get the parts together. Being a plumber for over 35 years, that was easy. Then I got to thinking. Would I start to plumb a house or an apartment building without a set of prints? Not likely. It can be done but it's always easier with the prints.

So I did the wise thing and ordered the Kit. That along with the tips on the subscribers page makes assembly so very easy. I was able to complete the first sprinkler in about two hours. Its just basic as I haven't decided what to make up for the center design yet. It's up and spinning now, and I am extremely happy with it. My advice to any one interested in assembling these sprinklers is purchase the kit. It is well worth the price. I have the tools and the knowledge and choose to do it with the prints. Thanks again for a wonderful product and a great web page. Tom G. Brockton, MA
There's an $11.96 book that shows how to make 24 projects including a copper sprinkler. Their materials and assembly are much more difficult than necessary, but there's other projects you might like. If you only want to know how copper art sprinklers work, buy the paperback book. But read the review first and see what Janeen W. said about trying to making one using the book! If you want to make your art now in the easiest way possible, buy the Kit.
Use Heat Stop paste to keep the heat from spreading when welding, soldering or brazing. You can even heat one end of a steel bar red hot while holding the other end in your hand. Also, I found a great way to take magic marker off the copper, and to polish it up. Use Lemon Oil with Scotch Brite (synthetic steel wool). I remember when I was a kid I used to clean up old pennies with lemon oil and salt, so I figured instead of salt as the abrasive, I'd use steel wool. Mark Y. Pleasant Prairie, WI
I hope you're still not considering making one with the cheap impulse sprinkler?
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