Have a broken copper sprinkler in need of repair? We've never had a Dream Sprayer fail, and we don't repair competitors broken sprinklers. If your broken sprinkler is made with 1/2" dia copper, the Dream Sprayer bushing should work. You can buy the Kit, repair your sprinkler, plus make 3 more. We don't sell individual bushings/swivels except to our Kit customers. To show all the broken sprinklers we've been asked to repair would take another website the size of this one. Here's some requests typical of the problems with the 'other' sprinkler swivels;
Hello - Several years ago we purchased a copper sprinkler (similar design to "Many Moons"). Company has disappeared. Our sprinkler is in need of repair. Connections are leaking. Do you do repairs?  Do you know anyone who does? Julia S.
Dear Dream Sprayer, My mother asked me to repair her copper sprinkler that she is very fond of. I quickly realized the bushing is of very poor quality. I think that if I could purchase one of your kits I could put humpty dumpty back together for her. I could not find anywhere on your site to buy just one swivel. Thanks, Joe G
defective sprinkler swiveldefective sprinkler swivelI spoke to you yesterday about an old copper sprinkler that came apart. Attached are photos of what it looked like. The upper connection is basically 1/2 copper tubing with what looks like an O-ring on the inside. I would love to be able to repair this. Thanks! Trent B
I'm looking for the spinner part for a copper sprinkler since my wife's seized up. The sprinkler looks like this: The tubing is 1/2 inch all around and as you can hopefully see, the old spinner had four outlet ports all in the same plane. Would you happen to have a spinner that would work? If not, any ideas where I could look. Thanks. Kent F
Hi - Did you sell a counter-rotating copper art sprayer through Costco a few years ago? We have one and the nylon bushing is broken. It has an outer rotating copper tube ring, an inner counter-rotating  wavy or lobed tube ring and a 1/8" copper tube center post with six copper leaves on it. It is a beautiful piece of art but I don't know where to find parts or who made it. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rich S
bad defective broken copper sprinkler swivel made in china painted copperNot sure who the manufacture of my sprinkler is, but there is a clear plastic sun in the middle of a circle, and it spins around. Here is a pic of it. The attachment of it to the stem has come apart. Do you provide repairs to this type of copper sprinkler? Robert V
Extra Parts Needed by Frustrated Sprinkler Owner:
Over the years I have purchased several rotating copper sprinklers (some by local artisans, others commercially made). My frustration results from the fact that the bearings inevitably fail and all I have is a bunch of (non-functioning) garden ornaments. The other day I noticed my friend had a copper sprinkler and (always interested in any copper sprinkler that still works) I examined it. It was of very simple construction (no o-rings or fancy plastic seals that eventually wear out); apparently it seals fairly well and the water acts as a lubricant. He got it at some fair a few years ago and says that it works fine (O fortunate gardener!) but, of course, he has no idea of the name of the source. Can you suggest a place where I might purchase this bearing? Any relief which you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance, I remain, Yours very much in need of assistance, Andrew W.
Andrew - what you describe sounds like a Dream Sprayer bushing, but extra bushings are only available to Kit customers. We've been making sprinklers since 1999 with no failures. We've seen many attempts, including swaged copper, o-rings, air tool fittings (steel rusts) and plastic washers. There's many complex designs for the bushing, from injection molded nylon, to force fit rubber retainers. Read what others say: "I have to admit, I could find no subsitute for your swivel. I was impressed to see your use of the KISS concept." The Dream Sprayer Kit is GUARANTEED to satisfy.
And they keep coming! 7/9/2008 Subject: Replacement Bushings
I have a sprinkler that needs a new bushing.  Can you tell me more about the Dream Sprayer Bushing kit, and how much they are?  My tubing is ” copper. Thanks, Doug Roberts
Should've bought a Dream Sprayer! 7/13/2008 Subject: replacement part
I am hoping you can help with getting my dragon fly copper spinkler working, it spins when it is together, but the piece that holds the circles on the main base is broke, its made of plastic, can you help? Thank you and God bless....Pam Locke
5/23/2010 Subject: missing connector
We bought a copper sprinkler in the shape of a coiled snake (with glass eyes), I lost the small piece of copper connecting the male end (snake side) to the upright copper pipe. Would you know where I could find such a piece? The sprinkler is beautiful but at this time, non-functioning. Thanks, Mike Tobin. P.S. I think we purchased it in a small studio in Elgin, IL    Hmmm... let's see...
5/25/2010 Mary called from New York City and said a friend from New Jersey named Michael Monar, who was in Chicago last year, or maybe it was two years ago, drove up to Door County, Wisconsin and maybe bought the sprinkler there and did I know what part she might be missing to hook up the sprinkler!    Hmmm, wait, I see something in my crystal ball, it's getting clearer...
6/7/2010 I have a copper sprinkler that needs replacement parts.  I need a coupling that goes between the upper and lower pieces of pipe and I need the coupling that the hose attaches to.  Can you help me?? Thanks, Harriet F.
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