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Sprinklers ship to U.S. (48 States) only. Kit ships to 48 States ($175) and Canada ($220) only.
5% Sales Tax to WI residents only.  
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You'll receive an e-mail shipping notice from USPS with the on-line tracking number. Kit buyers will receive the address of the Private Members Only site. CAUTION! Often Spam Filters are set too tight and you won't receive the notice of shipments, or the Members Only Site. To ensure delivery to your inbox (not bulk or junk folders), please add the email address CopperArt@DreamSprayer.com to your address book. Most Kits ship the same day. Allow 5 to 10 days delivery for Sprinklers. Personal checks clear in one week. No delay with postal money orders.
Important Note: If you have problems seeing the order page, or entering the order, it may be your firewall. If you're sure it's not your firewall, it could be the network is down, or any of a million other problems with computers. Please call, or send an email with your phone number and the best time to call, and we'll call you right back. 1-920-776-1272
NOTICE! SPRINKLER STORE IS CLOSED FOR THE WINTER November 1 to March 31. Any sprinklers ordered will be refunded, minus the PayPal fee. OK TO ORDER KITS, they ship year round. Questions? Send an Email.
#1 $219 Sprinklers - GroundWater, SpringWater, Star, or Wave. Plus $46.00 USPS Priority Mail shipping. Total $265. 
#2. $259 Sprinklers - Axis, Infinity, Mirage, SunDial, Waterfall.
Plus $54.00 USPS Priority Mail shipping. Total $313.
#3. $299 Sprinklers - Compass, EarthRings, Harvest, Imagine, ManyMoons, Misty, Paradox or Witch Ball (glass ball not included, you must order it here first, you'll receive a $26 credit for ordering the glass ball separately). Email with questions.
Plus $60.00 USPS Priority Mail shipping. Total $359. 
copper art sprinkler spinner bushing swivel parts kit#4. Deluxe Kit $175.00 plus $15.00 shipping, total $190.00 to U.S. only. Includes material list, directions, instructions and drawings with full scale spray patterns for 12 and 15" hoops, designs for 12 sprinklers, all the components shown, and shipping via Priority Mail. This makes 4 sprinklers (2 doubles like the Paradox model on the home page, and 2 single hoop models). You only have to buy the rigid and soft copper (that you can purchase more economically near your home), plus copper or brass for your design inside the hoop (they're most economical at your recycling centers). Click on Add to Cart. For No Payments and No Interest, if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more, choose Pay with PayPal Credit. Then PayPal Credit Special Offer. 
Deluxe Kit to CANADA ONLY $175.00 plus $60 shipping, total $235.00 includes 6 to 10 day shipping via USPS Priority Mail International.
#5 Additional Bar to make a 6 legged base. This is one bar with 2 legs (add to your 4 legged base). For Kits, order 4.
FOR KIT OWNERS (to U.S. only)! Once you buy the Kit, you're a member and able to purchase individual parts. Do not try and purchase these parts if you never bought the Kit first, or your purchase will be rejected and the money refunded, less the PayPal fee. Extra Bushings $10, 4 prong Bases $11.50, Crosses $7, Drop Ear Elbows $7.00, Hose Swivels $2.50, Extra Bar for 6 Pronger $5.00, Male Adapter $1.50, 1/2 Tee $1, 3/8 Tee $2, 3/8 Elbow $1, all with FREE SHIPPING (with $50 MINIMUM order). Replacement Directions and Instructions $25. I can send smaller orders if you pay the actual shipping - any questions, send an email, or call 920-776-1272. For Kit Owners Only - All other payments will be returned (less PayPal fee)! 
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