Heavy duty, bent bar, predrilled, four prong, pointed, steel base.  Six prong optional (see below).

The base is a critical component, and the part most often overlooked. It should be good looking, durable, and proportionally sized. Cheap bases made from angle iron ruin the look of your art. The hardest part may be locating the steel, it comes in 20' lengths, most distributors require you have a commercial account, and their minimum purchase is $200 or more, so you'll have enough steel for 20 years. Because making a few bases can be so much work, we include 4 Bases with each Kit. This also includes the nuts and bolts for attaching them to the elbow. Forget the hassle of making the bases, and spend your time on the fun part, making the art for inside the hoop!
heavy duty bent steel bar
Complete sprinklers used to ship fully assembled, but rather than continually raising the shipping cost, we save you money by shipping the 4 prong steel base loose. Simply attach it with a phillips screwdriver and 3/8" nut-driver or wrench (nuts & bolts are included).
The camera is level, the ground isn't. A good demonstration of why a base that inserts into the ground is required. Anything less than a heavy duty steel 4 prong base falls over, or at the very least start leaning, and then they stop spinning. Pictures to the right show the old 3 prong bases, but the standard base is a 4 prong (6 prong available.

They're unpainted, because it's not very environmentally friendly, paint rubs off when you stick it in the ground. The heavy gauge steel will last without paint, and it adds to the rustic look.
three prong base is the best for water sprinklersheavy duty steel copper sprinkler ground base
SIX PRONG BASE - The upgrade for sandy and stony ground. Provides 150% more stability than the 4 prong base, included with each Sprinkler. One sample included with each Kit free of charge.

Order additional Extra Bar for 6 Pronger $5.00 on the Store page to make a 6 legged base - FOR KIT OWNERS (to U.S. only). Order with the Kit for free shipping, otherwise $50 min. 
Heavy duty ultra stable Copper Art Sprinkler base
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