Send a sketch and describe your idea and we'll quote you a price for a custom made sprinkler built to your design.
Tell us your wish; an animal, a situation, a memory, an idea - and we'll make your dream come true.
Metalwork in Early America: Copper and... It's Alloys from the Winterthur Collection
summer solstice copper sprinkler
12" dia.
wolf art sillhouette copper sprinkler
15" dia.
sailboat sprinkler design by Kathy Reading
Kathy Reading Design
'Play Misty For Me'
Inner 2 hoops spin opposite of the
outer 3 hoops, in this 5 hoop sprinkler.
15" diameter.
Misty $299. Order here.
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paly misty for me copper art sprinkler by dream sprayer
Watch the Misty video.
play misty for me movie sprinkler reminisceClick on this picture for large format movie, fast on dialup
(hit back to return).
play misty for me movie
play misty for me again clint eastwood
play misty for me video dvd tv television clint eastwood
whitetail deer jumping through the copper sprinkler
The deer jumps between the pine trees,
right through the hoop,
in this one-of-a-kind sprinkler.
Watch the video
Paradox sprinklers (below). Order here.
early 18th century sprinkler designrare antique sprinkler
wild deer jumps through copper hoop
Paradox $299 (15" Dia.)
rare design for copper sprinkler
Paradox $299 (15" Dia.)
unique sprinkler from united states
Paradox $299 (15" Dia.)
made in america
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