The Dream Sprayer Kit enables you to make your own copper art sprinkler. It has a moderate degree of difficulty, but if you're handy with tools, familiar with soldering of copper tubing, or willing to learn, you can enjoy building your own work of art.
Make four sprinklers with the Deluxe Kit $175.00 + shipping. Order Here 
The Deluxe Kit is to make sprinklers with 12" or 15" diameter hoops by 41" or 44" tall. They spray up to 30 feet in diameter. 
Many of us like to acquire fine art;
this is for the few who want
to make it themselves."

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The Deluxe Kit includes:
Copper Sprinkler Parts - Do It Yourself Kit by Dream Sprayer 1). 56 pcs. per picture:
2). 11" x 17" drawing showing the exploded view and 8.5 x 11" drawing of 12 designs.
3). Full scale spray pattern for 12 and 15" diameter hoops.
4). Material list, directions, instructions and the secrets that make the Dream Sprayer unique.
Call 920-776-1272 with questions.
The minimum tools you'll need are a propane utility torch, a drill motor & drill bit, hack saw, wire brush, sanding cloth, solder, and flux. The rigid copper for the stem is available in ten foot lengths, and the soft copper for the hoops come in 20' or 50' lengths. Ask a question by email. Since we began in 1998, copper and brass prices have quadrupled, or more. And with PEX plumbing, many stores no longer carry all the copper fittings. So, to save you the frustration and money, every fitting is now included. We continue to offer more product, for less cost to the artist.  The Material List saves you many hours of searching. Besides the Kit, you only have to buy the rigid and soft copper (that you can purchase more economically near your home), plus copper or brass for your design inside the hoop (for each sprinkler). The step by step instructions are fully illustrated and easy to follow.
Making a good Base is difficult, time consuming and expensive, so we include them in the Kit. For high quality, heirloom sprinklers, you need premium bases. "Your bushings, drawings and instructions are as much a work of art as your website. You're the best." Gloria L. Sheboygan WI Our bushings fit an upright stem of either Type L (strong) or Type M copper (weak). Most competitors only fit Type M. Dream Sprayers are the best.
glass witch ball sprinkler"The Kit and the directions were excellent. One trip to Home Depot and in an hour it's up and running. We got the glass ball at a local craft show." Tim K. Scotia NY
glass art copper sprinkler"We finished our stained glass sprinkler. Attached this one to our fence. Check it out." 

Tim K. Scotia NY
wind chime copper art sprinkler"We made another one that has a wind chime in it... by day a sprinkler, by night a wind chime."

Tim K. Scotia NY
twelve free designs for copper art sprinklers included

Drawing of 12 free designs for inside the hoop, included with every Kit!
stained glass parrot bird in copper sprinkler"My wife salvaged the parrot from a relative and re-soldered the whole thing. I thought it'd be cool to make a perch inside one of the sprinklers." Tim K. Scotia NY brass cross copper plumbing fittingTwo Cross fittings are included with each Deluxe Kit, used to make the 'Paradox'. Requires 2 Bushings (included in Kit).
all steel bar base for copper sprinkler3 - 4 prong and 1 - 6 prong base are included in the Kit, so you can concentrate on making art for inside the hoop instead.
You're welcome to make any of the designs shown, thank you for the compliment. Our copyright only means they may not be commercially reproduced for sale. dream sprayer is the best copper art sprinkler on earthExceptions are made for Kit Owners who purchase the bushings from us, they can reproduce all they want. "Somewhere at your web site I read a note someone wrote specifically about you. They praised your character, and I know, first hand, why!" Cyndi L. Gurnee IL
spinning kokopelli sprinklerdream sprayer paradox copper art sprinkler spinnerSALE! Deluxe Kit - only $175.00 plus $15.00 shipping, total $190.00
 Click on #4 on the Order Page. This includes everything you need to make 4 sprinklers (2 doubles like the Paradox model, and 2 single hoop models) except for the rigid and soft copper you can purchase more economically near your home. A detailed list is included for all the tools and materials needed. It includes all the shopping tips we've collected over the years, so you save time and money and get everything in one trip. For a Kit to Canada, $175US plus $60.00 shipping, total = $235.00US. Click on #4 to Canada
tech directions featured productschool teacher building trades plumbing hvac metal shopAn excellent project for Middle School, High School, and Technical Schools. We have many satisfied schools as customers.
Call Jon at 920-776-1272, send an email, or go to the order page.
This is an excellent project for individual artistic expression,
everyone has a different idea for their sprinkler.

westby wi high school art class copper sprinkler
copper art fish sprinklertriple copper hoop ring sprinklers shaped copper art water sprinklercopper art water sprinkler student teacher
"I would send more pictures but the students took their sprinklers home to give them to their Mothers
for Mother's day." Adam K. - Technology Education - Westby Area High School - Westby WI
brass elbow for copper art sprinklerThe elbow we've always recommended for the finest looking assembly has been discontinued at many stores ($7.69 to $9.89 each 2005 prices). We made a large purchase and pass the savings on to you ($7.00 ea.). Now the Kit is even more convenient because it includes the 4 elbows. You save time searching for the hard to find elbows, make the finest sprinklers, and at the best prices too.
coolest garden water sprinklerArtists sell far more sprinklers at the local arts and crafts festivals, shows, and fairs than they ever do online. If you're looking for a craft or hobby that you can make some extra income with, you've found it. Local copper sprinkler artists always sell out at the arts and crafts shows. That's because buyers want something unique made by friends and local artists!
garden sprinkler made in usa"I ordered a kit from you a few months ago and have just got around to building my first sprinkler as a Christmas gift and I have to say that I was very excited about how it turned out. I built one similar to the "Paradox" and couldn't believe I actually got it to work. I would like to build a few more for some friends, and need some more parts." Doug H. New Orleans LA
play misty for me movie book clint eastwood"Jon, thanks for the tip, I'll try it. Your kit saved me hours of design, thanks. I enjoy surfing your website,
and admire your open philosophy towards artists. I'll send you some pictures of the sprinklers.
They make great gifts, and YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOP." Jim C. Chicago IL
ruby witch ball copper art"Dear Jon, Thanks for the info. What a help. I've tried everything from using the automotive parts called for in a book on making sprinklers, to having a tool & die guy make the bushings but I find myself back on your website buying more from you. Your bushings come complete and I don't have to worry about anything not fitting. The directions with the first kit were complete and I found everything I needed the first time. Thanks for all the tips." Julia L. Wixom MI
two oval copper hoop sprinklers"My wife's side of the family decided to build Christmas gifts this year, instead of buying. It was interesting, challenging and quite a learning experience. Thought it was going to be easy to build. The hardest part was the design. I wanted something special for my niece. The ball in the middle I found at the local scrap yard, and the fittings at a local wholesaler. The outside oval turns clockwise, and the inside oval CCW. I used emery cloth and small files to clean it up. It turned out nice and my niece loved it." Rich V. Sandusky OH
armilliary sphere spinning copper artThe most frequently asked question is how do I make the hoop? The 1/2" soft copper tubing already comes in a roll. Just shape it around something round like a 5 gallon pail. Cut it to the desired length. Grab the ends of the hoop like the horns of a bull, with the horns up. Push down both horns until you get them to be across from each other. It's made into an oval, but you can slide the tee right on to both ends. Now solder it together. When it's cool, make the oval shape back into a circle using your original form as a guide, or sculpt your design free-hand. Jon shows several methods to Subscribers, including the secrets other artists contributed, like using an old movie projector reel, or a small bicycle wheel minus the tube!
the dichotomy in copper garden art"Many Thanks for your prompt attention and service, you truly are a model of good customer service." Neva G. Lake Forest IL
"This is just perfect and really looks great. What an artisan you are. I appreciate your attention and promptness." Thank you!!! Kathy R. Waukesha WI
hoop bending method equipment tool copper art sprinkler"Here's a tree stand I use for a hoop bender. I found it on sale for 79 cents after Christmas. The base is twenty inches in diameter. I've only used the top three green steps, and they bend hoops at 12, 14, and 16 inches in inner diameter. I also do not unbend my copper. I've written the measurement of each hoop on the stand, and I measure with a flexible quilting tape (walmart $2.17). I think my hoops show less wear that way. I just cut off the roll and it's already a hoop." Joaquin M. Ocean Springs MS
glass witch ball copper garden art"I sure wish I would have known about your web site a year ago. I saw a copper sprinkler in a store but could not justify paying the high price for something that was made by a machine. I set out to make them on my own. It only took me a year and a lot of running around to finally figure out how to do it. If I'd only known then.... Anyway, thanks for the ideas and I hope to be able to share some of mine with you!" Kraig M. Milwaukee WI
axle design axis design axes"You not only provide an excellent product, precise directions and prompt delivery, you also go far, far out of your way to help us make the very best sprinklers we can. Your personal service and genuine interest in our efforts really says a great deal about the kind of person you are - a decent man who cares. Kudos to you Jon, you are in a league of your own!" Vicky O. Gambrills, MD
Still want to make one with parts found at the local hardware store? Convince me some more, or try it with the cheap impulse sprinkler parts.
copper art sprinkler trellisspikey copper art sprinkler spikeWas a rained out weekend, so I was looking around the cellar for something to do and found some extra copper. So I came up with Spike, he's my latest sprinkler. Beginning of last summer I was on your site and saw the trellises, I really liked them and made one for our house. Notice the witches ball? Moved it from the original sprinkler I made... have to come up with some other idea for that one... next rainy weekend. Tim K. Scotia, NY Click on pictures to enlarge.
Have a broken copper sprinkler in need of repair? Read this.
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